Quality of life scholars are in italics

Name Scope or Subject Year Report
Ander M. de Lecea Benthic ecosystem studies of Queen Charlote Bay, Falkland Islands 2019
Heather Glon Biogeography of the Plumose anemone Metridium senile: potential marine invasive in the Falklands? 2019
Amandine Gamble Infectious diseases as a threat to wildlife in the Southern Ocean: What is the current situation on the Falkland Islands? 2018
Enrique Frers Observe the growth of Tussac grass in the Falklands to make growth comparisons between natural stands of Tussac grass in the Falklands and Tierra del Fuego 2018
Neil Golding Drones as a “tool” for our future 2018
Rodrigo Olave Carbon Emissions from Falkland Islands Grasslands 2018
Dulcinea Groff Characterizing Tussac grassland plant communities and soils: the influence of seabirds and land use 2017
Jenny Sturgeon Songwriting 2017
Marcus Morrison Coaching and training from Canadian Ball Hockey Association (CBHA) coaches 2017
Matthew L McDowell The Falkland Islands in the Island Games, 1993-present 2017
Alastair Baylis Sea Lion tracking 2016
Katherine Anteney Printmaker, Bookbinder 2016
Rodney Burton Soil resource studies for a National Soil Map of the Falkland Islands 2016
Simona Sanvito Vocal communication of Falkland skuas 2016
Tim Miller to develop communications and Adult Training with the local Leader team 2016
Barry Elsby South American Musicians 2015
Claudia Glatzmeier (for Department of Agriculture FIG) Visit by Equine Podiatrist 2015
David Lewis (for Falkland Islands Operatic & Drama Association) Visit by actress Jenny Killingbeck and lecturer John Killingbeck 2015
Frithjof Kupper Seaweed biodiversity of West Falkland and the enigmatic Cladochroa chnoosporiformis 2015
Ingrid Juttner Diatom diversity of the Falkland Islands 2015 click to download ZIP file
Natasha Elbakidze (for Horse Owners Association) Visit by Barry Thomas (Monty Roberts' certified instructor) 2015
Stuart Smith Taking stock of restored soil carbon across the Falkland Islands 2015
Teresa Darbyshire Molecular analysis of Falkland Islands Polychaeta 2015
Bridget Drakeford Local tuition in pottery 2014 (Supplementary Scholarship) click to view PDF
Anne D. Jungblut Microbial biogeography of Falkland Island's soils: implications for soil restoration and revegetation 2014
Blanca Figuerola Balañá Spatial patterns and bryozoan biodiversity from subantarctic Falkland and South Georgia Islands 2014
Dr. Jade Berman Southern Ocean Sponges 2014 click to view PDF
Falkland Islands Shearing Gavin Rowland - Tetra Shearing Instructor from New Zealand 2014 click to view PDF
Helen Marsh Getting the Falkland Islands National Herbarium online: training in the digitisation and geo-referencing of botanical records 2014
Katherine Moon Penguin ectoparasites of the Southern Hemisphere 2014 click to view PDF
The Good Company Band Visit the Falklands for Live Performances and Workshops (Visit did not go ahead due to unavailability of band) 2014
Klaus Dodds & Alasdair Pinkerton Falklands Referendum 2013 2013 (Supplementary Scholarship) click to view PDF
Dr Alastair Baylis Rediscovering Falklands Ocean Sentinels 2013 (Centenary Scholarship £10,000) click to view PDF
Andrew Mathews What are the determinants of benthic community structure in the shallow marine environment of Adventure Sound, Falkland Islands? 2013
Ezequiel Mercau The spirit of the South Atlantic, the real spirit of Britain : The Falklands War & British identity 2013 click to view PDF
Helen Marsh Training at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 2013
Michael Tabak Eradication of invasive Rattus norvegicus in the Falkland Islands: effects and strategy 2013 click to view PDF
Quality of Life Awards No QoL Awards were made in 2013 2013
Stephen Palmer (1) The history of the European Space Agency Organisation (ESRO) tracking station in the Falkland Islands 1969-1973 (2) The ships and vessels of the Falkland Islands Company 1850s - present 2013
Alastair Baylis Southern sea lions of the Falkland Islands 2012 click to view PDF
Aldo Asensi Brown Algal Biodiversity of the Falkland Islands Revisited 2012 click to view PDF
Falkland Islands Archery Association Visit of a coach and technical adviser to the Falkland Islands 2012 See news section
Marc Block Songwriter and Folk Musician 2012 See news section
Melanie Mackenzie Holothuroids (sea cucumbers) of the South Atlantic Ocean 2012 click to view PDF
Patrick Watts Publishing of a book on the history of Stanley Sports Association (in time for 100th Anniversary) 2012 See news section
Stanley Netball Club Visit of a coach to the Falkland Islands 2012 See news section
Teresa Darbyshire Polychaeta (marine worms) of the Falkland Islands. Second visit - to expand/progress previous work. Visited 13 November/13 December 2012. Gave talk at Government House on 05 December. 2012 click to view PDF
Anthony Smith Sculptor, photographer & naturalist 2011 Visited 19 January/14 February 2012
Cynthia Williams Specialist Training at Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew 2011
Dominik Weiss Peat deposits on the Falkland - Testing atmospheric trace element fluxes to the Southern Ocean 2011
Max Hull Understanding the Falklands in the period 1965 up to the 1982 Conflict and their significance in a wider context 2011
Noam Lederman Rockschool drummer, composer & teacher 2011 Did not travel due to other work commitments. Funding returned.
Teresa Darbyshire Polychaeta of the Falkland Islands 2011 click to view PDF
Adam Howe Familiarity in a foreign landscape (a photographic project on South Georgia) 2010
Bruce Pearson Troubled Waters - art and conservation in a creative partnership 2010
Doug Lambie Shearing Instructor 2010
Dr Aldo Asensi & Dr Bruno De Reviers The Brown Algal Biodiversity of the Falkland Islands Revisited 2010
Dr Claire Goodwin Sponge biodiversity of the Falkland Islands 2010 click to download ZIP file
Dr Rob Philpott An archaeological and historical survey of early Falkland Islands Company sites 2010
Dr Sergio Radic Estimation of sheep carrying capacity in the Falkland Islands based on remote sensing 2010
Richard Lewis Botanist - Plant ID course & develop native plants garden at FICS 2010
Sam Bosanquet Baseline Inventory of Falkland Islands Bryophytes 2010
Ceridwen Fraser An icier Ice Age: evolutionary impacts of climate change in the Southern Hemisphere 2009 click to view PDF
Dr Alastair Lavery Spiders of the Falkland Islands 2009 click to download ZIP file
Dr Claire Goodwin Sponge biodiversity of the Falkland Islands 2009 click to view PDF
Maurice O'Keefe Detailed oral history of residents 2009 Recordings held by FIMNT & Archives
Orea Anderson & Gillian Robb Dietary specialisation among vulnerable tussock nesting birds in the Falkland Islands: Cobb's Wren & Tussock Bird 2009 click to view PDF
Stanley Badminton Club Funding support for student players to attend Island Games 2009 2009 click to view PDF
Dr Claire Goodwin Sponge biodiversity of the Falkland Islands 2008
Dr David Pugh Sea level changes 1842 - 2009 at Port Louis 2008 click to visit external website
Dr Maud Poisbleau Breeding biology of the rockhopper penguin 2008 click to view PDF
Falkland Islands Full Bore Rifle Club Mark Dodd to attend as a Falklands competitor the International Shooting Competition at Bisley (UK) 2008 click to view PDF
Stanley Football Club Visit of football coach Rene Van Rijswick 2008 click to view PDF
Stanley Golf Club Visit of head professional golfer 2008 click to view PDF
Andrew Johnson Textile workshops 2007 click to view PDF
Carol Peck Yogafit further training 2007 click to view PDF
Ceridwen Fraser Kelp rafts in the Southern Ocean 2007 click to view PDF
Jean McNeil Creative writing workshop 2007 click to view PDF
Jim McAdam A UK Falkland Islands library and database 2007
Rob Philpott Detailed archaeological survey of Darwin 2007 click to view PDF
Sarah Paterson Production of permanent art work 2007 Art work at IJS
Stephen Palmer Sir John Middleton, Governor of the Falkland Islands 1920 until 1926 2007
Carol Peck Yogafit Training 2006 click to view PDF
Derek Howatt (applicant) Scottish Ceilidh Dance Band 2006 click to download ZIP file
Derek Reeves (applicant) Falkland Islands Junior Cricket 2006 click to view PDF
Dr Jennifer Keys Medical History of South Georgia 2006 click to view PDF
Dr Paul Brickle, Dr David Stein & Dr Christoph Held The cost of being parasitized: Snailfish as parasites of the false King crab and their importance for a developing Falklands fishery 2006 click to view PDF
Edward Walsh The Catholic Church in the Falkland Islands 2006 click to view PDF
Vidart & Barry Falklands Diary 2006
Bronwen Douse Purchase of Hand Chimes for public use 2005 Club
Caroline Gunn Records from the Whaling Industry 2005
David Tatham Dictionary of Falklands Biography 2005 Book published in 2008
Dr A G Jones Invertebrate Biodiversity 2005
ev2 - Craig Vear et al Composition of the Falklands Suite 2005 CD
Heather Barnes Professional Child Development Training 2005 click to view PDF
Helen Otley Whale strandings 2005
Peter Lockett Percussionist 2005
Prof Antony Long & team Sea Level Changes 2005 Report & CD
Bjorn Gillsater Sven Gillsater's photographs 2004 Photos held in Archives
Dr Alastair Lavery Spiders and Harvestmen of the Falkland Islands 2004
Dr Andrea Clausen Birdlife International course 2004
Dr Ken MacKenzie Jazz trumpeter 2004 click to view PDF
Dr Stephen Royle Small Island Tourism 2004 click to view PDF
Falkland Islands Shotgun Club Visit of a UK coach 2004
Mr Alasdair Pinkerton Radio-broadcasting within the Falkland Islands 2004 click to view PDF
Mr Steve Massum Taxidermist 2004
Ms Janice McGinnes Karate instructor 2004
Blues etc. To play in Stanley 2003
Dr Brian Stringer The building of a footpath from East Stanley to the Seamen's Mission at FIPASS 2003 Pathways built on seafront & Gypsy Cove
Dr Jim McAdam The Falkland Islands Journal 2003
Ian Hart Whaling in the FI Dependencies 1904-1931 2003 Book 'Pesca' in Library
Mrs Molly Sheridan To paint in South Georgia 2003 Report & picture at FICS
Ms Fiona Hatchell A study of the genetic make up of South Georgia reindeer 2003 Report
Jim McAdam Support for Falkland Islands Journal 2002
Ken MacKenzie Mullet parasites 2002 click to view PDF
Lisa Romero A guide to the port records of Stanley 2002
Marine Medic Team Saving marine mammals 2002 Marine Mammals Medic Handbook
Marty Barnes PE Training 2002
Professor Margaret Clayton Seaweeds of the Falkland Islands 2002 click to view PDF
Richard Moore Actor 2002 Dickens recitals & workshops
Robert Weekes Cricket Coach 2002
Bob Neil and J Clewes Pyrography and woodcrafts 2001 Workshops
David Little Piano tuner 2001 Teaching etc.
David McEwan Artist 2001 Picture in FICS
Des O'Shea Dos Lomos Exhibition 2001 Report
Elaine Shemilt Tourism and Fisheries 2001
Frances Bissell Cookery Report and Recipes 2001 Report & recipes
Graham Geddes Accordion player 2001 Teaching etc.
Len Yule Horse Tamer 2001
Paul Jones and Fiona Hedley-Jones Singer and actor, Christians 2001 Workshops & concerts
Canon Stephen Palmer Environmental History of the Falklands 2000 click to view PDF
Dr D.H. Dalby Falklands Lichens 2000 Reports at Dept. of Min. Resources
Dr Peter Wilson Dating Stone Runs 2000 Report
Father David Birchall The Christian Millennium 2000
Mike Stammers History & archeology of the wreck the Charles Cooper 2000 click to view PDF
Miss Deborah Summers Conservation Forum 2000 Letter
Miss Emma Jane McAdam Heritage and Tourism 2000 Report in Archives
Mr Ian Hart History of Compania Argentina Pesca 2000 Book 'Pesca' in Comp. Arg. Pesca Library
Mr Len Yule Horse Whisperer 2000 Programme
Mr Martyn Clarke Football Training in Argentina 2000
Mr Paul Brickle Parasite Ecology of the Toothfish 2000 Thesis at Fisheries Dept.
Mr Robert Burton South Georgia History Catalogue 2000 click to view PDF
Mr Robin Woods Establishment of Falklands Herbarium 2000 click to view PDF
Mrs Claire Dalby Artist 2000 Workshops
SSF Music Equipment 2000 Stored in Town Hall
Dr Fiona Wilson A Guide to Falklands Grasses 1999 Report
Dr Klaus Dodds Post-Conflict Falklands 1999 click to view PDF
Dr Robert McDowall Freshwater Fish Project 1999 click to view PDF
Hank Wangford & the Lost Cowboys Country Singing 1999 Programme
Latvian Jazz Trio Jazz Concerts 1999 Programme
Mr Bernard Gallacher Golf Coach 1999 Letter
Mr Ian Houston Water Colour Artist 1999 Picture at FICS
Mr Malcolm Dawson Potential for Salix (Willows) 1999
Mr Peter Lapsley Fly Fishing Instructor 1999 Book in Library & Report
Mrs Anne Norman Net Ball Coach 1999
Mr Christian Thomas Geological Fieldwork in Lafonia 1998 Thesis at Dept. of Min. Resources
Mr John Teggart Course in Cartooning 1998
Dr Peter Wilson Volcanoes and Peat Bogs 1997 Report
Mr James Peck Painting in South Georgia 1997 Picture in FICS
Mr Richard Munro Place-names of the Falkland Islands 1997 Booklet in Library
Mr Steve Cooil Swimming Coach 1997 Report
Mrs Lyn Blake Wool Studies in New Zealand 1997 Report
Mrs Patricia Hanlon Line Dance Instructors Course 1997 Report
Ms Andrea Sudbury Falkland Islands English 1997 Thesis in Archives
Stanley Students Exchange Visit to Chile 1997 Debbie Robson, Hannah Humphries, Sarah Hewitt et al
Dr F.Galimberti Sea elephant studies 1996 Reports '95 - '98
Mr A.E. Clarke Shooting Coach 1996 Letter
Mr David Goddard Moto-cross Instructor 1996 Letter
Mr Jeff Rich of Status Quo Drum Master-Class 1996 Photos, CD of pics & programme
Mrs Sally Poncet Sealing in the South Atlantic 1996