Quality of Life Application Form

The Shackleton Scholarship Fund in the Falkland Islands is administered
by the Shackleton Scholarship Committee.

Quality of Life Scholarships are for people whose visit to the Falkland Islands, or from the
Falkland Islands to other parts of the world, benefit the region and enhance the quality of
life for Islanders. Awards of up to about £4,000 are made annually, and can be used to cover
scholar travel expenses (to and within the Islands), course fees, equipment or materials (e.g.
for workshops/training sessions) – but can not be used to cover salaries. When calculating
your project budget and if including a request to cover travel expenses to the Falklands,
please note that SSF scholars will usually be allowed to purchase tickets at the reduced
Falkland Islands 'resident' fare of approx. £1,600 each (return ticket) if travelling via the
MOD flight from Brize Norton.

In order to apply you will need to submit an application outlining the project you would like
to conduct. Application forms can be downloaded from the link below and must be submitted
by 31 March in any given year. Notification of awards is usually by early June, and Scholarships
can be taken up at any point after that.

To submit a Quality of Life application, you must have an on-island Sponsor who supports
the project, and actually submits the application on your behalf. For example, if you wanted
to apply for a specialist sports coach to visit the Islands to provide training or instruction, the
Falklands-based sponsor would submit the application, naming the identified sports coach as
the Scholar. If you are a Falkland Islands resident and want to apply for a Quality of Life
application for yourself as the Scholar, you can be your own sponsor. Sponsors do not
necessarily have to provide additional funding, but will need to be able to provide support
(e.g. arranging accommodation, training venues, promotion of visit etc.) to the visiting
Scholar. A 2-page (max) CV of the main applicant(s) must also accompany the application.

Quality of Life Application Forms are available to download here

The deadline for applications is the 31st March in any given year.

Please return application forms to:

Dr Megan Tierney
PO Box 609
Falkland Islands
Email: info@shackletonfund.com