Apply now for the 2024 round of SSF grants

Posted by Shackleton Fund News Admin on 2024-02-18 08:03:54 FKST

Are you currently, or keen to, undertake research in the Falkland Islands or South Georgia? Or know someone who is? Have you spotted a gap in the rich tapestry of Falkland’s life? Have a talent or hobby that you would like to share with the Falklands community? Or have you identified someone else who could bring a new club or interest to the Islands? If you answered ‘yes!’ to any of these questions, then the Shackleton Scholarship Fund (SSF) might be able to help realise your ideas.

The Fund benefits both the scholars and the region by creating wider knowledge and promoting new skills and activities. Since the Fund was established in 1995, a wide range of projects or visits have been supported. This has included research into tussac plant growth, freshwater fish biology, the importance of peat deposits, seaweed biodiversity, seabird diseases and sea lion population dynamics. Also supported have been visits by top-class sports coaches, shearing instructors, dog trainers, specialists in horsemanship, scout leader trainers, drone pilots, artists, musicians and authors.

The SSF offers two types of award: 1) Academic Scholarships are for graduates who undertake research into the natural, physical or social sciences involving the Falklands or South Georgia; 2) Quality of Life Scholarships are for people whose visit to the Falkland Islands, or from the Falkland Islands to other parts of the world, benefit the region and enhance the quality of life for Islanders.

So whether you are a resident of the Falklands and require assistance in qualifying or purchasing equipment to help share your talents or to support research being undertaken; or you know of an individual or organisation overseas that could bring something to enhance the knowledge of our Islands or improve the quality of life of Islanders this is the time to make it happen. Apply now!

Awards can be used to cover travel expenses (flights and accommodation), course fees, field work, workshop materials and equipment (but not wages). Application forms can be downloaded from our Application pages and must be submitted 31 March 2024. For further information contact Dr Megan Tierney on