Quality of Life Applications sought for 2015

Posted by Shackleton Fund on 2015-01-27 09:11:19 FKST

Sir Ernest Shackleton was an outstanding leader in the golden age of Antarctic exploration at the dawn of the twentieth century. His astonishing feats of leadership, navigation, endurance and survival have recently inspired a revival of interest in Britain, the United States and elsewhere in the world.

His son Edward, Lord Shackleton, began as an explorer who won acclaim as a scientist, businessman, wartime Royal Air Force officer, statesman and author of two reports for the British Government which laid the foundation for the Falkland Islands' development and prosperity.  The Shackleton name has played a vital role in the history and growth of the Falkland Islands, and the Shackleton Scholarship Fund was set up in 1995 to commemorate these two remarkable men and to stimulate human endeavour, initiative and research.

As well as Academic scholarships, the fund offers Quality of Life Scholarships for people whose visits to the Falkland Islands, or from the Falkland Islandsto other parts of the world, benefit the region and enhance the quality of life for the Islanders. 

The Fund benefits both the scholars and the Falkland Islands by creating wider knowledge and promoting new skills and activities. Of particular success in recent years has been visits from a shearing instructor in 2010 and 2014 with shearing contractors and farmers alike commenting on the improved technique and reduction in second cuts on shearing floors around the Falklands; the improvement amongst novice shearers was particularly noticeable and the option for teenage shearing wannabes to pick up some tips has to be good.   The Falklands success at international competitions is testament to the value of such instruction.

David Tatham’s Dictionary of Falklands Biography is another product of the Quality of Life Scheme, as is the pathway and bridges between the Seaman’s Mission and East Stanley.   The Netball, Badminton, Cricket, Shooting and Golf Clubs have all benefited from funding to bring coaches down or send competitors away.   The fields of botany in the form of training at Kew Garden and horse taming (Len Yule’s visit in 2001) have received funding, as have many art and music projects ranging from the purchase of hand chimes to a drumming instructor and Adam Howe’s photography project in South Georgia.   

So whether you are a resident of the Falklands and require assistance in perhaps qualifying or purchasing equipment to help share your talents, or you know of an individual or organisation overseas who could bring something to enhance the quality of life of Islanders this is the time to make it happen.

Normally 2 or 3 awards in the region of £2000 - £3000 each are made annually (around April/May), and can be used to cover travel expense or course fees, but not wages.   Applications forms can be downloaded fromwww.shackletonfund.com and must be submitted to Stanley Committee Secretary Sally Ellis by 31 March.   For any queries contact Sally onpaul.sally@horizon.co.fk