Posted by Shackleton Fund on 2014-12-08 09:20:06 FKST

The Stanley Committee of the Shackleton Scholarship Fund were very pleased to have a good array of applications for Quality of Life scholarships this year.  They are awarded to people whose visits to the Falkland Islands, or from the Falkland Islands to other parts of the world, benefit the region and enhance the quality of life for the Islanders.


With shearing growing as a sport worldwide and the Falklands recent participation in the Golden Shears shearing and woolhanding in Gorey, Ireland, it seems appropriate that £3,000 was awarded to Falkland Islands Shearing to bring an instructor down from New Zealand.   The instructor will work with shearing gangs on East and West Falklands and well as provide the opportunity for farmers and novices to participate in workshops.   This is the second Falklands shearing has benefited from funding – a 2010 award the SSF assisted in the visit of instructor Doug Lambie.

Helen Marsh, put forward by Falklands Conservation, was awarded £1,700 to assist with travel expenses for her visit to Kew Gardens with the aim of getting the Falkland Islands National Herbarium online.  Helen will undergo training in the digitisation and geo-referencing of botanical records.  This process makes it possible for the information to be uploaded to an online resource for all to access. 

Finally we awarded £3,000 to The Good Company Band – two of the members are Falkland Islanders Marcus Porter and Sam Elliot – to enable them to visit the Falklands later this year to perform at various venues and offer workshops.   What better inspiration than seeing the success of fellow countrymen to encourage further local talent to forge ahead with their dreams.

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